Gears 5 Tech test Multiplayer Match [Not Final Mix]
Gears 5 - All Executions during Tech Test [Not Final Mix]
Gears 5 - 2019 Escape Trailer
Gears 5 - 2018 E3 Trailer

ProjectGears 5 - 2019

ClientThe Coalition Studios

DescriptionGears 5 is almost out, in September this year. I cannot provide much details about the project yet, so I will be updating this section once it's out. In this project, I worked on many different areas of the game, mainly on: - Gameplay Audio Design - Weapons - Creatures and Enemies - Foley System 2.0 - Dynamic Mix - Field Recording and Editing - Wwise and UE4 Workflow and systems design - Dialogue Editing and Design

TechnologyPro Tools, Unreal Engine 4, Wwise, Field Recording

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