Video Games

Gears 5 – Hivebusters DLC Sound Designer Microsoft – The Coalition Studios
Dolmen Audio Consultant Massive Work Studio
Fobia – St. Delfina Hotel Audio Consultant Pulsatrix Studios
Gears 5 Sound Designer Microsoft – The Coalition Studios
Gears Of War 4 Sound Designer Microsoft – The Coalition Studios
(Undisclosed Project) Sound Designer / Composer / Game Designer EA Games
Particle Rush Sound Designer / Game Designer Red Tea Games
Monster Yume – Yeti VR Sound Designer 8-bit Yume
Feed Willy Sound Designer Red Tea Games
Anthymn Sound Designer / Game Designer String Theory Entertainment
Uniteight Sound Designer Jes­pi­onage
Depth Charge Sound Designer Radial Games Corp.
Vancouver Global Game Jam Sound Designer Tree of Audio
Vancouver Full Indie 2013 Sound Designer Tree of Audio
A Day in the Life Game Design/Sound Design Lab Rabbit
Masks of Fear Sound Design Lab Rabbit
Merda – O Jogo Dos Jevens Sound Design Laja Records
Motoqueiro Doido Sound Design Laja Records
Tau-ceti Game Design/Sound Design Tabula Games


Love in Motion Violin Recordist Burning Passion Productions / Rick Harkness
Mantis Sound Mixer / Boom Op Andrew Willig
Candiland (feature) Sound Mixer Motorcycle Boy Productions & Greendale Productions / Rusty Nixon
Jesus Play Documentary Sound Mixer / Boom Op Holly Becker
Napoleon Gomez documentary Sound Mixer / Boom Op. Koffler Pictures
Here For Scarlett Assistant Music Mixer Panic Moon Productions / Adam Zimmerman
Found Sound Mixer/Boom Op Seven25. Design & Typography/Isabelle Swiderski
Far From Home (TV feature) Boom operator Front Street Pictures / Michael Scott
Shamed Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Original Entertainment / Daljit (DJ) Parmar
The Town That Came A-Courtin (Feature) EPK Sound Mixer/Boom Op Up/David Winning
Work Weather Wife (feature) Sound Mixer/Boom Op Art Gauge
My Plenty O’ Zombie Dating Profile Sound Mixer/Boom Op Circus Maximus
Seeing Red Sound Mixer/Boom Op Adam Thomas
The Delicate Art of Puppetry Sound Mixer/Boom Op Jacob Peters
Under The Bridge Of Fear (Canes/Crazy 8s) Sound Editor/Foley Artist Mackenzie Gray
Enterro de Anão Boom Op/Utility Primo Filmes
The Switch Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Amy Fox
What Comes Over You Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op John Marcucci
Withering Heights Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Liz Cairns & Joe LoBianco
Walzing Matilda Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Gordon Woolvett
How I Got My Motorbike Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op, Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer Jeremy Cox
Housekeeping Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op, Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer Adam Zimmerman
Dogdays Foley Artist Noah Gilbert
Lucid (Bloodshots) Production Sound Mixer, SFX Editor Rick Harkness
Far Removed Production Sound Mixer Michi Hayashi
Through My Eyes Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Harpreet Sandhu
Crazy In Love (feature) 2nd Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op (Chinese Production)
Lost Wilderness (feature) Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Garnet Campbell
God Only knows (feature) Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Adam Zimmerman
Gossip Girls Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Alexandra Teatralka
The Changing of Ben Moore (feature) Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Jason Mills
It Started With Money Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Enrique Prian
Captive (feature) Production Sound Mixer, Foley Recordist, Foley Editor, Re-recording Mixer Syndicate Seven Film/Jonathan Burnett and Jordan Brown
Guiltless Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Enrique Vazquez
Historical Materialism Production Sound Mixer Enrique Maccise
Maintenance Man (Cineworks – Back Down The Highway Film Festival) Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op, SFX Editor, Dialog Editor Gayatri Bajpai
Dancing in Ashes (Cineworks – Back Down The Highway Film Festival) Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Jordan Barnes
Otherwise Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Pedro Romero
The Vessel (Crazy 8s) Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op, Foley Recordist Marshall Axani
Butterfly (Canes) Foley Artist Arlein Perez Garcia
Stalled Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Shannon Kohli
Ghosts Of Europe (168h Film Festival) Production Sound Mixer, SFX Editor, Re-recording Mixer Jesse Hutch
The Calling Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Richard Wang
Stunt Doc Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op EBM VFS
Red Hood – Having Friends for Dinner Foley Recordist, SFX Re-recording Mixer Adam Buhler
T-Party – Mind Your Manners ADR recordist, SFX Re-recording Mixer EBM VFS
Alice In Wasteland – Flowers ADR Recordist, SFX Re-recording Mixer EBM VFS
Fool’s Gold Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Danial Sharif
Tempus: The Necklace Production Sound Mixer, Boom Op, Foley Recordist. SFX Re-recording Mixer Danial Sharif
Tempus: Shards of Glass Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Domingo Simon
The Plan Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Juvel Jeo Jose


The Talent (Ep.01 – The Talented) Sound Mixer / Boom Op A Talent Team Production / Sean Foster
Denver Vancouver crew Sound Mixer/Boom Op Microsoft
In Session – “The Fix” Sound Mixer Lindsay Bourne
In Session – “Time Bomb” Sound Mixer Lindsay Bourne
Bad Girls Gone Good Sound Mixer/Boom Op Sandra Lopez
Get Cooking With The Stars – With Amanda Tapping and Katrin Bowen Production Sound Mixer LeftCoast TV (Shaw TV)


WorkSafe BC – Asbestos Sound Mixer / Boom Op WorkSafe BC
ICBC – Birthday Sound Mixer / Boom Op Rogers TV – U.S. and Canada – (City Tv, Omni TV and Sportsnet)
Webber Naturals – Glucosamine with Joe Carter and Jody Vance Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op Rogers TV – U.S. and Canada – (City Tv, Omni TV and Sportsnet)
PGX – Commercial with Tammy Gillis Sound Mixer/Boom Op Rogers TV – U.S. and Canada – (City Tv, Omni TV and Sportsnet)


Elevator Pitch interactive training Sound Mixer/Boom Op SAP
Making it OFFICIAL – China Sound Editor Official Skate
Micky Pappa – Thrasher Sound Effects Editor/Re-recording Mixer
District Earth One Voice Over Recordist Gurparm Brar


  • Centre for Digital Media (UBC, SFU, Emilly Carr and BCIT), Master, Vancouver, 2014 Master of Digital Media program
  • Vancouver Film School, Diploma, Vancouver, 2011 Sound Design for Visual Media Program
  • Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Bachelor, São Paulo, 2010 Game Design program, which I focused on Sound
  • Conservatório Souza Lima, Certificate, São Paulo, 2010 Musical Instruments, Sound Engineering and Musical Production


  • MPSE 2020, Gears 5 – Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Sound Effects, Foley, Music, Dialogue and ADR for Computer Interactive Game Play
  • NAVGTR Award 2020, Gears 5 – Nominated for Best Overall Sound
  • The Game Awards 2019, Gears 5 – Nominated for Best Use of Sound, Franchise
  • NAVGTR Award 2017, Gears 4 – Sound Editing in a Game Cinema
  • Leo Awards, Best Overall Sound nomination, 2014 Nominated for best overall sound 2014 for the movie Under The Bridge of Fear
  • 168 Film Festival (LA), Best Sound Design Nomination, 2012 Nominated for Best Sound