ProjectAnthymn prototype - 2014

ClientString Theory

DescriptionAnthymn is a music based MMO/RPG game that requires a high num­ber of dynamic and inter­ac­tive of audio assets dur­ing game­play. The most effec­tive form of imple­ment­ing such audio is by using a mid­dle­ware audio tool such as Wwise or FMOD. These tools give the sound designer full con­trol of audio play­back in-game, includ­ing all real-time para­me­ter con­trols (RTPCs), states of objects and ambi­ences, bus effects, and oth­ers. For this pro­to­type we, chose to use Wwise with a license allow­ing us to use more than 200 assets, the Sound­Seed AIR plu­g­ins, and all Wwise dynamic and con­vo­lu­tion reverb plu­g­ins, cour­tesy of Audiokinetic.

- Sound Designer

TechnologyWwise and Unity

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