Sound Design Showcase - Game Moments and Destruction
Sound Design Showcase - Enemies and Creatures
Sound Design Showcase - Weapons
Sound Design Showcase - Dynamic Ambient Audio
Sound Design Showcase - Foley

For Those who haven't seen yet, below is the trailer for Gears of War 4. Audio work done by Source Sound.
Nightmare Reborn trailer


Crazy Theories about an Easter Egg Me and Aaron Holland created - I will not reveal the secret

Back to 2015 - The E3 reveal for Gears of War 4

ProjectGears Of War 4 - 2016

ClientThe Coalition Studios

DescriptionIt has been an honor to be part of the Sound Design team for the xBox One + xBox One X Remaster + PC Game - Gears of War 4, from Pre-Production to DLC Post Launch.

In this post, I present a showcase demonstrating a few of the many sound design areas I was responsible for while working on Gears of War 4, including:

- Weapons
- Dynamic Ambience
- Foley
- Creature and Enemies Vocalization
- Game Moments Sound Design
- Recording and Editing
- Implementing in UE4 using Wwise
- DLC Support + New Unique Assets

TechnologyProTools, Unreal Engine 4, Wwise, Field Recording

Launch Project