During a few evenings I was woking on my entree submission for the Blastwave’s Countdown to the Apocalypse sound design contest. Those were the guidelines:  “Create a sound design clip of a soundscape or scene of something you think you would hear during the zombie apocalypse. The sound design clip must be no longer than 60 seconds. No exceptions.”. Also, had to use at least one sound clip from the Blastwave’s Zombie Apocalypse sound library.

As a contest and side-project, I wanted to have fun while doing it. I brainstormed a few ideas, and made drawings on paper of what the characters will be doing and where they are on a timeline of 60 seconds. I chose to do a 1st person perspective of me with a handheld audio recorder  grabbing the soundscape of what was going on. I also chose to add a touch of humor and ridiculous as a homage to old zombie movies, hence the voice acting from myself , Vitor Libardi and Luiza Libardi. All the voice acting and foley was done at their place, and all editing at my home studio. I had to use a few (of the amazing) sounds from the Zombie Apocalypse library as a requirement, which came in more than handy. I tried to match my zombie creations with their zombie creations in order to have a seamless creature. Also, I was thinking what would happen to me during an apocalypse like such, which you can hear on the link below.

Hope you enjoy… and hope I win.