Vancouver Sound Designers Meetup Group is a group for Sound Designers to get together and nerd out on all things audio over beers (or waters & cokes, whatever your fancy). This isn’t as much a networking group (though networking will be incidental) as much as it is a place to share knowledge an have a good time.

The June Meetup of 2015 featured Kareem Shuman, the sound designer of the Wii game Sportsball to talk about sound as a feedback device for multiplayer games, plus masterclasses on Saturn from RĂ©al Cardinal and Decapitator from Matthew Marteinsson.

As many people were asking to film the Meetup talks, a few people volunteered to be part of the process: Myself capturing audio from the speakers and computer sounds, Jon Tidey from The Reaper Blog filming and editing the videos, Nicholas Zhang, a student from the Centre for Digital Media, mediating the use of the room and hooking up the room’s system, and Mathew Marteinsson from Klei setting up a youtube channel and uploading the content.

Hope you guys enjoy the videos!