This post might be one of my lasts being written within a student’s perspective. Officially, I am done classes and am still enrolled on the last semester which is the co-op program, then I will be an official Master of Digital Media. I was hired as a co-op at Microsoft’s Black Tusk studio as an audio designer. This moment might be the start of my high point to my career doing what I love working with a whole team that also appreciates and know the importance of good audio in a game and any other media. Without doing the MDM program, I probably would not be where I am right now, maybe not even living in Canada, maybe not even doing audio as the main income source. I am grateful for all CDM, instructors and mentors I had during this past year, obviously was worthwhile.

On a side note, as an exclusive contract employee at Microsoft, the number of posts regarding game and interactive media projects will be reduced, though, I can still work shooting movies and doing post on weekends and during nights as film projects are not direct competitors.

I have been interviewed by the CDM crew to talk about the MDM. I’ve been interviewed both in Portuguese and English. Oddly enough, I prefer my english version as I noticed that many of the words I am more than used to speak in english I have never used in Portuguese, resulting on minor brain bugs while doing real-time translations to this words I have never spoken before.

Enjoy both videos below: