This new category on my blog called “Behind the scenes” will include interesting facts that happens during my gigs on set. As I am a sound Mixer and Boom Op, I end up capturing some very interesting sounds, pictures and some celebrities testing random speeches on my lavalieres which I will post in the future.

In this post, I present you Billy the Bear, a two year old grizzly cub which had the appearance on the movie “Lost Wilderness”, now on post production and will probably come out on a few cinemas, DVD stores and internet based purchases in the future.  It is a movie about two families dealing with death and divorce are pressured to bond together during an outdoor vacation. The four would be siblings wander out of bounds with their ATV’s in search of an ancient relic, the lost Knife of Geronimo. Of course they get lost and find themselves face-to-face with the troubles of being in the wilderness.

It was a really interesting experience having a film bear on set with the proper film animal trainers which understand about camera positions, set etiquette, and most important, how to make the animal look bigger and scarier on screen but maintaining the cast and crew safe and comfortable with the animal.

While waiting for some setups, I manage to capture a few sound bites of the bear during some lucky moments where the crew was silent or far away, and the bear impatient to get out of the cage/truck. Interesting enough, the bear is a very silent animal, and made no noise at all during filming. His impatience was the only thing I heard from the bear on some “Let me out of this cage! I want more sausages!” moments.

Here is the sound file, a video of the trainer playing with the bear, and a few pictures of the production. Hope you enjoy!





IMG_2328  IMG_2309  IMG_2300  IMG_2276 IMG_2242