Gears 5 - HiveBusters DLC - Final Boss
Gears 5 - HiveBusters DLC - Gameplay

ProjectGear 5: Hivebusters - 2020

ClientThe Coalition Studios

DescriptionIn this project, I worked on many different areas of the game, including starting my journey as a lead by being part of the review process and feedback. All of that, during the 1st year of the Pandemic. Mainly worked on:

- Gameplay Audio Design
- New DLC Weapons
- DLC Creatures and Enemies
- Foley System and assets updating
- Dynamic Mix
- Field Recording and Editing
- Wwise and UE4 Workflow
- Systems design
- Dialogue Editing and Design
- Mentoring, Coordinating and Reviewing

TechnologyPro Tools, Unreal Engine 4, Wwise, Field Recording

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