I did this production microphone comparison test while I was in gear transition with the intent of sharing the sonic qualities of every microphone I had in hands with people that are interested on this subject.

This comparison tests the sonic qualities between the microphones Neumann 82i, KM150 and KM145; Sennheiser 416t and 8050; and Schoeps CMIT 5u. All microphones were used on their suspensions, no foam and no blimp while connected to a Sound Devices 442 going to a 744t without  filters  nor volume adjustment between takes in order to have a true fidelity test. The positions tested were 7inch and 1ft away; On axis, 45 angle and sideways, both on indoors and outdoors environments.



The conclusion I had is that each microphone has its own pros and cons even though some have more pros then others, such as the sonic qualities of the CMIT 5u, which was my preferred outdoors and distant indoors mic, and the Sennheiser 8050 which was by far my favourite indoors on close/medium perspective mic. The 416t works great on both environments and is extremely robust, so that would be my pick on Run And Gun productions for both indoors and outdoors where the weather and situations are unpredictable. I would use the 82i only one extremely wide shots, even though the CMIT 5u would get a similar job done and probably all dialogue would need to be captured with lavs or replaced in the ADR booth. I would use the Neumann 45 on very small locations such as bathroom stalls where the sound mixer and the boom op will have barely any visibility of the action and have to drop a mic at a spot inside the stall very close to the talent.

Enjoy,compare, and share your own conclusions!